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Valuable Content for Busy Engineers is a global online publisher and discussion forum for problem solving, tech news, innovations and resources, with a simple mission to inspire engineering minds to be and do better. The company’s ProjectBoard platform, now powering, provides Makers and STEM communities a fun and engaging way to share ideas, develop projects and learn in groups online.

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Engineering is a rapidly evolving, dynamic discipline. With thousands of ingenious solutions being implemented around the World, focuses on three major activities to spotlight those innovations:

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As publishers and subject matter experts, we produce over 2000 stories every year, with key partnerships in academic and tech. As a member, customize your feed, with stories and resources tailored for you.

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Our discussion forums are the go-to watering hole for the global engineering community to ask questions and get answers to some of the more detailed engineering related questions. 

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Our ProjectBoard platform is the place for problem solvers to collaborate on private or public projects to turn their ideas into action. NEW! We've partnered with Make: to launch

We believe engineering is the most important profession in the World. Engineering impacts quality of life on a daily basis, and represents our best path forward for a sustainable future.  

Frank Baldesarra 

Co-Founder & CEO

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